ACGC Levy Reduction 17 Dec 13

For the second year in a row the levy for the Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City School District is decreasing.

At their meeting Monday, the West Central Tribune reports the ACGC School Board approved a levy of $2.36-million.

That’s nearly 4 percent lower than this year’s levy of $2.46-million.

Business Manager Dan Tait said the decrease of 3.96 percent is due, in part, to fluctuations in how student reimbursements are figured and because of revenues from the health and safety levy were used for a project to encapsulate lead paint in the Atwater Elementary School gym.

Tait also said because there are just two bond payments left to make on the high school building, the district now knows exactly what those payments will be, which makes it easier to know how much to levy.

The building bond will be paid off in 2015, which Tait said will result in a “significant” levy reduction in 2016.

Meanwhile, the board is expected to ask voters to approve an operating levy in November of 2014.

Superintendent Sherri Broderius said it’s likely the board will not ask voters to approve a new tax increase but to extend the current operating levy for several more years.

Tait said it’s expected there would be a “net zero impact” to taxpayers.

After going through several difficult years of being in statutory operating debt and having some disappointing test scores, ACGC has money in its reserve fund and has won state recognition for quickly turning around student test scores.