BCA Agents Testify at Warwick Hearing 21 Dec 13

Two Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agents testified at Friday’s omnibus hearing for murder suspect 18-year-old Robert Warwick of Willmar.

KWLM reports Warwick’s attorney Daniel Mohs is contesting a search warrant executed at Warwick’s home and comments Warwick gave during an interview August 1st, the day he was arrested for the murder of his grandmother, Lila Warwick.

BCA Special Agent Derek Woodford testified that he and Detective Michael Anderson interviewed Warwick at the kitchen table of his home with Warwick’s mother present.Warwick then asked if he could speak with the officers somewhere else, and they went to the Kandiyohi County Law Enforcement Center. Even though Warwick was not under arrest at the time, Woodford said they read him his rights when they started the interview at Warwick’s home, but not when they continued at the Law Enforcement Center. Mohs believes they should have read him his rights again.

And BCA Agent-in-charge Nathaniel Brovold said they executed a search warrant at Warwick’s home and seized 9 items from Warwick’s bedroom. Mohs wants both the second part of the interview and the items seized in the search warrant suppressed as evidence during next year’s trial. Judge David Mennis gave Mohs and prosecutors Robert Plescha and Matthew Frank until January 21st to submit their arguments in writing.

Mohs also said he anticipates he may ask for a change of venue for Warwick’s trial in the future.