Mental Health Evaluation for Grove City Man 10 Jan 14

A mental health evaluation has been ordered for the 57-year-old Grove City man charged with first-degree assault for allegedly chasing and attacking two people on Nov. 19 along U.S. Highway 12 west of Grove City.

The West Central Tribune reports the evaluation of William Richard Dugan was ordered Jan. 3 by District Judge Stephanie Beckman in Meeker County District Court. Beckman ordered that Dr. Tim Tinius, St. Cloud area psychologist, examine Dugan and submit a report by March 31.

Dugan faces five felony charges of first- and second-degree assault and first-degree property damage, plus a misdemeanor for property damage for the alleged attack. He also faces a charge of fourth-degree assault of a corrections officer for allegedly spitting on a Meeker County jailer after he was taken into custody.

Dugan remains in the Meeker County Jail, on $500,000 unconditional bail and $250,000 conditional bail in the first-degree assault case. His next court appearance is scheduled for Feb. 13.

 According to the criminal complaint, the assault incident began when Dugan parked his vehicle, blocking both lanes of Highway 12, allegedly looking for his dogs. When a vehicle attempted to drive around Dugan’s pickup, the vehicles collided. Dugan allegedly yelled racial slurs at the man, attacked the man with a board with nails protruding from it and bit the man while they struggled on the ground.

The incident also included Dugan chasing the man and his female companion, who were on foot, with Dugan’s vehicle and then culminated with Dugan ramming the couple’s vehicle repeatedly, all while yelling racial slurs.