Board Approves Seeking Bids for S.R. Knutson Field 14 Jan 14

A group of citizens is working to raise over a million-dollars for renovations at S.R. Knutson Field in Hutchinson (click here for more info).

Proposed upgrades include the addition of artificial turf, expanded seating, a new ticket booth and concession stand, a new scoreboard, and other improvements that would make it a state of the art multi-use facility, at no cost to taxpayers.

The school district is acting as fiscal manager for the project and last night (Tuesday), the school board approved seeking bids for the excavation, site preparation, and bleacher seating components of the stadium renovation project.

Director of Buildings and Grounds Brian Mohr says the process is that money donated goes into an account with the district and they control it, so the district controls the bid process.  

Mohr says on January 27th, advertisements seeking bids will be put out.  About two weeks later, the bids will be opened, but bids will not be awarded until donation money is adequate to cover the actual portions of work being sought, as previously mentioned.