Changing Hutchinson Mayor Term 15 Jan 14

The Hutchinson City Council agreed Tuesday night to ask voters this fall if they want the Mayors term to be 4 years instead of the current 2 year term.

Mayor Steve Cook said it would be worthwhile to move to the longer term, in that it allows more time to get things done.

City Councilor Bill Arndt says he’d like to leave it as is.  He says the 2-year term allows voters to decide on a more regular basis whether or not the mayor is doing the job residents want.

The change can be made by passing an ordinance for a charter change.  City Attorney Marc Sebora was directed to draft and ordinance, and if it goes through the process without delay, the public will vote this fall whether or not to extend the mayoral term to 4 years.

  • Druenny Tesla

    Why would anyone want Steve Cook for another term. He is the worst mayor I have ever seen. Jimmy Carter’s legacy looks fantastic compared to Cook’s. He won’t be running another term, not many people like him.