Lists Filed in Junkermeier Case 30 Jan 14

The assistant state attorneys general prosecuting Brok Junkermeier have filed the witness and exhibit lists for the upcoming trial of the 19-year-old Willmar man for his role in the killing of Lila Warwick.

The West Central Tribune reports the witness list includes the names of more than 50 individuals who could be called to testify and the exhibit list includes a list of evidence that could be presented to jurors. Junkermeier’s trial is scheduled to begin March 25 before District Judge Donald Spilseth.

Correspondingly, Junkermeier’s defense attorney has filed motions outlining how the potential jurors will be questioned and how jurors will be addressed during the trial.

The attorneys met with Spilseth in his chambers Wednesday during a pretrial hearing for Junkermeier, who was not in the courtroom.

The 79-year-old Warwick was found dead, stabbed and strangled, at her residence on the east edge of Willmar after she failed to arrive at a church meeting on July 29. Junkermeier and Lila Warwick’s grandson Robert Warwick, now 18, were indicted on first-degree murder charges for their alleged roles in her killing.

The third teen charged in the case, 16-year-old Devon Jenkins of Willmar, was sentenced Monday to complete both the secure and non-secure programs at Prairie Lakes, to serve probation until his 21st birthday and complete 100 hours of community service each year as part of his juvenile sentence.