Budweiser wins Battle of Super Bowl ads 04 Feb 14

HARRISBURG, Pa. (February 3, 2014) – In a game that only a Seattle Seahawks fan would find entertaining, it was a cuddly commercial featuring a Clydesdale horse bonding with a puppy that won America’s vote in SpotBowl’s annual Super Bowl commercial poll.

The poll, in its 11th year, was created by advertising agency, Pavone. SpotBowl was presented this year by the advertising and marketing blog, Adrants.

            The winning spot by Anheuser-Busch, known as “Puppy Love,” was the pre-game buzz winner, racking up nearly 34 million views on YouTube before the game even started. The ad took an early lead immediately after the game and remained among the leaders until the polls closed at 3 p.m. EST on Monday afternoon. Anheuser-Busch held off a late surge by RadioShack’s “The 80’s Called,” which finished second in the rankings.

            Rounding out the SpotBowl top five was Anheuser-Busch’s “Hero’s Welcome,” Audi’s “Doberhuahua” and Volkswagen’s “Wings,” in which German engineers sprout wings every time a Volkswagen goes over 100,000 miles.

            “The big question every year is which will be more entertaining – the game or the ads? It’s safe to say the ads were the stars last night, but not by much,” said SpotBowl co-founder and Pavone CEO, Michael Pavone. “The fact that nearly half of them were released online before the game might have something to do with why so many viewers were a little underwhelmed.”

            In last place on the SpotBowl leaderboard was an entry by AXE featuring soldiers and war-bound world leaders finding love. Spots for GoDaddy, Subway and Maserati were also at the bottom of the SpotBowl rankings.

            “Generally, I was disappointed with what I saw. Brands played it safe, and nothing really reached out and grabbed you or threw you on the floor in a pile of laughter,” said SpotBowl media partner and Adrants editor and founder, Steve Hall. “I was, however, pleased with RadioShack’s ad (‘The 80’s Called’). The spot works because it brings back memories for the old and serves up a retro vibe for the young. It very clearly and intelligently repositioned the brand.”  

For a complete listing of the game’s winners and losers, visit spotbowl.com.



1.     Anheuser-Busch (“Puppy Love”) – A Clydesdale bonds with a puppy and is reunited after the puppy finds a new home.


  1. RadioShack (“The 80’s Called”) – RadioShack pokes fun at its outdated stores to announce its new makeover.


  1. Anheuser-Busch (“Hero’s Welcome”) – A soldier gets a hero’s welcome after returning from deployment.


  1. Audi (“Doberhuahua”) – A couple compromises on its choice of dog, the result of which is an out-of-control Doberman/Chihuahua mix.


  1. Volkswagen (“Wings”) – German engineers sprout wings every time a Volkswagen goes over 100,000 miles.