UWMC Grant Application/Contracts Available 06 Feb 14

United Way of McLeod County Board President Dave Schwedler announced Wednesday that the 2014 Community Investment Grant application/contracts for non-profit 501c3 organizations will be made available beginning Monday, February 10, and ending Friday, February 21.

Requests for the 2014 UWMC Community Investment Grant application/contract to be sent electronically can be made via e-mail to unitedw@hutchtel.net. Additionally, the application/contract may be downloaded beginning February 10, by visiting www.unitedwaymcleodcounty.org. Agencies without access to e-mail or the internet may pick up a copy of the funding application/contract during regular business hours (Monday-Friday between 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) at the UWMC office located at218 Main Street South, Suite 124 in Hutchinson (Hope Center).

All agency Community Investment Grant application/contracts are to be completed and either delivered or mailed back to the UWMC (218 Main Street South, Suite 124, PO Box 504,Hutchinson,MN 55350) no later than Friday, March 21. Applications received after that date will not be considered for 2014 funding. The 2014 UWMC Community Investment Review will be held at the Hutchinson Middle School on Thursday, April 10. Agencies considered for 2014 funding will receive an electronic invitation to the event.

“As an organization, we take seriously the responsibility of allocating donor dollars,” said Schwedler. “The application/contract and Community Investment Review processes ensures us that the funds people have entrusted to us, are being used to support appropriate agencies and programs that service all residents of the region.”

UWMC supports programs in the areas of: emergency and basic needs, health and human services, child development and community development.