Chaotic Caucus Rescheduled 12 Feb 14

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A DFL caucus in Minneapolis that erupted in chaos last week has been rescheduled for a larger venue.

The Minnesota DFL Party says the reconvened caucus will be held Feb. 19 at the Grand Hall in Coffman Union on the University of Minnesota campus.

Because the Feb. 4 caucus ended while registration was underway, any member of the DFL Party living in the precinct may attend. Bus transportation will be provided free of charge to and from the Brian Cole Community Center.

The center was filled to capacity at last week’s caucus, which had drawn a crowd because of a challenge to longtime DFL state Rep. Phyllis Kahn. Many showed up to support Minneapolis School Board member Mohamud Noor.

That meeting ended before officially adjourning.