No Residential Chickens in Hutchinson 12 Feb 14

Hutchinson residents will not be allowed to raise chickens in their backyards anytime soon.

The Hutchinson City Council Tuesday night approved a motion that denied adopting a chicken ordinance that if approved, would have allowed residents to have 4 to 6 chickens.

Last year,Hutchinson resident John Dietel had asked the council to consider drafting and adopting a chicken ordinance and over the past months, they discussed and have been drafting an ordinance.

However, after about a half hour discussion Tuesday night, Councilor Bill Arndt made a motion to deny adopting an ordinance.  Arndt and others said the support just wasn’t there.

The motion to deny the ordinance was approved 3 to 2, with Councilors Mary Christensen and Bill Arndt and Mayor Steve Cook voting to deny the ordinance.  Councilors Gary Forcier and Chad Czmowski voted to support a chicken ordinance.