Luther College Gets Money for Mannequins 13 Feb 14

Luther College has been awarded a $170,000 grant from the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust to fund the purchase of high-fidelity simulation mannequins and their associated audio-visual components. The equipment will be used primarily in Luther’s nursing department, though the college expects the simulation equipment will be useful in several other academic departments as well.

Nursing Lab and Simulation Director Jessica Raabe says “We are extremely pleased to move forward on our commitment to an educational environment intent on producing empathetic nurses with practice embedded in safety and quality. Our commitment to simulation is in direct response to the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations for the future of nursing education,” and “We are thankful to the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust for recognizing our need and supporting the future of nursing education at Luther College.”

Luther’s institutional vision of increasing enrollment within the nursing major will be supported, in part, through the acquisition of this high-fidelity instrumentation. Simulation experiences are bridging the gap left by lack of adequate clinical experiences and having the equipment allows the college to gain that technical experience.

College officials say simulation in health care is cutting-edge technology to help prepare clinicians for increasingly complex patient care in the 21st century. The college will begin the purchasing process this spring, with plans to install the equipment in the summer, and open the simulation center in fall 2014.