Eagle Cam 20 Feb 14

A nesting pair of bald eagles who just laid eggs are featured in a video stream on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website that went live today. DNR Nongame Wildlife specialist Lori Naumann says the camera provides people with a unique view of America’s national bird.

Naumann says “It is so neat to be able to see eagles doing their thing in their nest. It has been amazing to see the behavior, we’re learning things where never knew before about bald eagles and their nesting behavior, particularly how much food they bring to the nest.  Just been a lot of fun to see them up close and personal in the wild where we never would of had this ability before.”

Naumann said the eagle camera was paid for by the DNR’s Nongame Wildlife Program, which is largely funded by donations, especially those made when Minnesotans file their state income tax forms. The eagle’s activities will also be updated on the program’s facebook page.

Click here for the eagle cam.