Help Offered for Stranded Motorists in Renville County 22 Feb 14

Communities in Renville County hosted 134 motorists stranded by Thursday night’s winter storm after motel rooms had filled.

The Renville County Sheriff’s Office says the National Guard Armory in Olivia put cots out for 57 of the stranded motorists, while other communities opened the doors of community centers. Hector was host to 45 stranded motorists.

Many of the motorists were transported to the shelters by law enforcement officers after their vehicles went into ditches or were stopped by drifting snow. Soldiers with the National Guard also used the Armory’s tracked vehicle to reach some stranded motorists.

Olivia Police Chief Derek Lee said motorists faced dangerous conditions on the roads, and that U.S. Highways 212 and 71 leading into town were impassable at points.

In Olivia, the local churches work with the city police, Renville County Sheriff’s Department and National Guard to provide the accommodations at the Armory.