TC & W Rejects Proposal 27 Feb 14

The Twin Cities & Western Railroad is rejecting the latest proposal for relocating freight service to accommodate a light rail system in the southwest metropolitan area.

The West Central Tribune reports the railroad described the route proposal by Transystems as “neither efficient, safe nor cost effective when compared to TC&W’s current route.’’

The statement issued Thursday followed a review of a report on the route for TC&W by Civil Design Inc.

 The report concluded “The operating conditions proposed by the Transystems alignment would be detrimental in every respect to current and future operating conditions for the TC&W.”

The Transystems plan would reroute freight rail traffic through St. Louis Park on the MN&S rail line owned by Canadian Pacific. TC&W says it is only slightly different from the plan proposed in the October 2012 draft environmental impact statement published by Hennepin County.

The failure to meet Class I safety and engineering standards makes it impossible for Twin Cities & Western to accept the Transystems plan, because officials concluded “it does not allow us to protect our current and future shippers in Minnesota and South Dakota.”