First Laparascopic Kidney Removal Performed in Hutchinson 03 Mar 14

(McLEOD COUNTY,MN) – Since Dr. Christina Moses joined Hutchinson Health in September 2013, her broad-spectrum surgery skills have been put to good use.

Recently, she performed Hutchinson’s first laparascopic nephrectomy, a minimally invasive surgery to remove a diseased or damaged kidney.

“With laparoscopic procedures, we use long instruments and a camera,” Moses said.

Incisions are much smaller than traditional open surgery, and patients are able to recover quicker, with less pain and scarring.

“Normally with a laparoscopic procedure, patients are up and moving the next day, if not the same day,” said Moses, who previously practiced at Abbott Northwestern Hospital and Hennepin County Medical Center.

Laparoscopy is just one of Moses’ many areas of surgical expertise; she also performs endoscopy, soft tissue, endocrine, and open procedures. A few examples of conditions Moses often treats include carpal tunnel, hernias, gallstones, colon/bowel problems, cancer, thyroid issues, skin lesions, and varicose veins.

Moses’ aspirations to become a surgeon started at a young age.

“When I was 4 years old, I already had an interest in anatomy and physiology, even though I didn’t know what it was called,” she said.

That passion never wavered, and today, Moses is living out her dream at Hutchinson Health.

“I enjoy identifying a problem and being able to fix it,” she said. “I like making people feel better.”

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