Water Line Freeze Ups 06 Mar 14

Due to continuous extreme cold weather this winter, the frost table is lower than previous years and this is resulting in widespread frozen water service lines in some places. 

The City of Arlington has been notified of several water service lines freezing in the area. But they’re not alone.  Many towns are experiencing similar issues.

Arlington Officials say the water service line runs from the City-owned water main to inside a home or business and is the responsibility of the property owner and they say the risk of frozen service lines could continue for several weeks and/or months.

The most likely spot for water lines to freeze is where there is the least amount of snow cover.  A means to determine your risk of a potential freeze-up is by taking the temperature of the water from the nearest fixture possible from the service line coming into the house.  Run your cold water for a couple minutes and then take the temperature of the water from this.  If it is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, you are at an increased risk of freeze-up and should consider letting your cold water run from this faucet at a pencil thickness. 

But take note, that minimal trickle of water will increase your water and sewer bill.  In contrast, the cost of thawing a service line can be very expensive and a big hassle.

Officials in Arlington are asking that you notify City staff if you intend to take the precaution of running your water.  The City Council will discuss how to reconcile the additional water/sewer costs to customers.

If you have any questions, or if you think you may have incurred a “frozen service”, regardless of where you live, you can contact your local city officials.