Zumhofe Guilty 06 Mar 14

Former pro wrestler Eugene Otto “Buck Rock and Roll” Zumhofe has been found guilty on all 12 counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct.

The trial began in Kandiyohi County District Court in Willmar last Wednesday, and went to the jury at 12:45 yesterday afternoon.

KWLM reports the jury returned with guilty verdicts on all count at 4:30 yesterday afternoon.

The 62-year-old Zumhofe, of Cyrus, had been accused by his now-29-year-old daughter of sexually molesting her over the span of 12 years, beginning in 1999 when she was 15 and living with him in his New London apartment. They later moved to Cyrus when she began college at U of M Morris.

Zumhofe has two previous sex convictions from the 1980s.

On the stand this week, Zumhofe denied doing anything improper with his daughter. In his closing arguments yesterday morning, prosecutor Nate Midolo told the jury they had to decide who was lying.