Vikings introduce Joseph 13 Mar 14

The Minnesota Vikings announced the signing of DT Linval Joseph yesterday.  After the signing Joseph answered some questions from the media…

Vikings Defensive Tackle Linval Joseph




Q: Was it a no-brainer coming to Minnesota or did you have to look at other options?

A: My agent pretty much did all of the work and Minnesota was definitely on top. I’m glad to be a Viking.  


Q: Why were they on top? 

A: Because they reached out. They reached out before anybody else did. Like I said, purple and gold, I played at East Carolina, had the same colors and I’m back in purple and gold.


Q: What was the Giants last offer? 

A: I really don’t know the exact number. I know it was nowhere near the Vikings number, I can say that.


Q: What was it specifically about the defense or the coaching staff? 

A: I like the defense here because they really work hard. Like last year, they lost a lot of games only by 3 points, so they know how to work hard. I’m glad that the Vikings gave me the opportunity to come here and to help and to build to get a Super Bowl. 


Q: Are you surprised at how quickly everything came together?

A: Yeah. Like I said, first time doing it so it just happened so fast. Like I said, in the first hour it was already done, so it was quick. 


Q: What is that 3-day negotiating window like?  Does it help you weed through the process?

A: Like I said, my agent did most of the work. He just called and let me know where things were going and the direction things were going. I just listened to him and I trust him and made the best decision. 


Q: With that decision sitting in someone else’s hands what is that 3 days like for you?

A: I tried to just stay calm and just let my play do the work.


Q: What do you know about Minnesota? How many times have you been here before? 

A: I came here 4 years ago on a visit and I didn’t get drafted here, but I’m back here. Everything still looks the same. I like the head coach, he’s a strong guy just like Coach [Tom] Coughlin. I think we’re going to get along well.


Q: Were there other teams that you were looking at?

A: There were two other teams I guess I could say – Oakland Raiders and Atlanta Falcons. But like I said, Minnesota was the one on top.


Q: Have you already started to look at how you might fit in on the defensive line? 

A: Yes, more of a run stopper, go inside, play a shade and stop the run and let the guys on the outside get some sacks.




Q: How do you think that you’ll fit in with some of the defensive ends here? 

A: I know [Everson] Griffin, we came out together [2010 NFL Draft], so that’s good. I’m excited. I’m excited to work with these guys and try to get them better and teach them what I know so that we can win games and try and go to the Super Bowl again.


Q: What is it that you like about a strong coach?

A: He’s straight-forward, I can tell he’s straight-forward and he’s defensive minded and he wants to win. By them giving me the opportunity, it shows me that he really, really wants hard-working guys to come in and help contribute to win games. 


Q: You don’t mind if they are passionate at all in that approach?

A: I don’t mind it. I don’t mind it all.  


Q: With the Vikings showing interest in the 3-day window, did it give you an opportunity to watch film and see what Zimmer’s defense is all about?

A: No, not really. I talked to him already and it’s pretty much like the Giants, so it’s not going to be a hard transition at all. I’m just excited to get started.


Q: Was it important for you to get this done fast?

A: I didn’t really have a preference. I’m just glad to be off the board and I’m glad to be with the Vikings.


Q: Was being a free agent all that you anticipated it to be?

A: I heard all of the different things just like when I went to the combine I heard a lot of different things. It happens fast, that’s all I’m going to say. It happens really, really fast and you just have to be ready for it.


Q: Do you look at it that you are a young guy still scratching the surface and ready to break out?

A: I look at it that way. I feel like every year as a pro I got better and now I’m with the Minnesota Vikings and I want to get even better. I want to try and make it to the Pro Bowl and like I said, win some more games and win a Super Bowl here.


Q: Where have you gotten better? And what do you still need to get better at?

A: Just at being a run-stopper and getting after the passer, just being a student of the game. Every year I feel like I got better just from my stats and just as a person and as a teammate. I like the course of where I’m going at.


Q: Describe the thrill of winning a Super Bowl and having already won one, does that mean you can be more patient in your next situation because you have a ring?

A: Well, the first one came so fast, my second year in the league and hard work. You just have to be a true team. You have to be together. That’s what I feel like is going to happen here. We’re going to get together and the second one is going to be bigger than the first one.


Q: So there will be a second one here for you?

A: Yes, hopefully there will be a second one while I’m here.


Q: How do you like being the biggest guy on the field most of the time?

A: It feels pretty good. I’ve always been like this all of my life after I guess high school. It feels pretty good to be a bigger guy on the field and still run with the smaller guys, so it’s a good feeling.


Q: Even though you are still young, you winning a Super Bowl has kind of put you into a veteran role. Is that something you take on as a leadership role now?

A: Yes, I do. I feel like my job is to come here and grow as a person, but help this team grow as well and just make history.


Q: What player took you in under his wing with the Giants?

A: It was more of a collective thing. I think that’s why we were kind of close. It was just a team thing. You had Barry Cofield, the Chris Cantis, Justin Tucks, (Mathias Kiwanuka). You stick together and when you stick together, you go far. That’s what I want to bring here – togetherness.


Q: What’s it like playing nose tackle with all of those bodies flying around you?
A: Man, it’s fun. This is a fun game and I’m just glad I have an opportunity to play.


Q: What do you think you have that makes you an effective nose tackle?

A: I have size, I have speed, I have smarts and I make plays. At the end of the day, that’s what this game is about – making plays.


Q: Who is a nose tackle you looked up to growing up?

A: Pat [Williams], I watched Pat. Pat is a physical guy, he loved to slam guys. I watched him a lot. [John] Henderson from the Jacksonville Jaguars, he was a big, he was normally bigger than everybody else, too. He was a nice, strong, physical guy and he moved pretty good on his feet.


Q: What did you like most about Pat?

A: His attitude. He wanted to be better. He wanted to show everybody that he’s good, he still had it, and he wanted to show that he was an all-time great. He had something to prove from where he started to where he finished.


Q: Are you a trash talker like him?

A: No, I’m not a trash talker, not at all.


Q: How do you think yours and Pat’s games compare?

A: Just make plays. Pat made a lot of plays as a Vikings and he’s loved around here and I want to be the same way.


Q: When did you start playing football?

A: I started playing football in high school, my second year of high school I took it serious. I’ve been playing football for about 10 years.


Q: When did you come to the United States from the Virgin Islands?

A: I  came over to the United States, or Florida, when I was 10.


Q: Why East Carolina?

A: They gave me an opportunity.


Q: Where there any other offers out there going into college?

A: I was supposed to originally go to the University of Florida and they backed off in the end and East Carolina gave me an opportunity and I just took it. Everything happens for a reason and I took advantage of it.





Q: Did you know Sharrif Floyd at all?

A: I know Sharrif. I know a couple of guys on the team that went to Florida. I trained with a couple of guys and we’re all pretty much the same age and came into the league together, so it’s pretty cool.


Q: The defensive line is pretty young. Do you think that can help in the camaraderie that you are looking for?

A: Like I said, guys that are the same age come through and have pretty much been through the same thing, it’s going to help bring the team together. I think that’s a plus.