Litchfield G.A.R. Hall Repairs 19 Mar 14

The Litchfield City Council approved of a resolution Monday night to provide matching funds if a grant is awarded for an improvement project at the G.A.R. Hall.

KLFD reports the city has been responsible for the upkeep of the historic building since 1885.

Council member Connie Lies spoke to her fellow council members about the improvements that are needed at the building, especially since bricks have been falling in pedestrian areas around the building. She says tuck pointing will be necessary as soon as possible, whether or not the city receives the grant.

Lies says the project would also include restoration of the turrets, and insulation and siding for the museum building behind the G.A.R. Hall. She says total costs for the project are around $120,000, and the resolution that was passed was for the city to match $35,000 for the Historical Society grant.