Arlington Mayor Vetoes R.S. County Fiber Proposal 25 Mar 14

A crazy turn of events occurred during action on the RS Fiber Cooperative proposal during the regular meeting of the Arlington City Council last week (Monday March 17th).

The Arlington Enterprise reports the City Council initially voted 3-2 and adopted a resolution for the City of Arlington to rejoin the Renville-Sibley County Fiber Cooperative Joint Powers Board by approving the amended joint powers agreement as presented with the expectation that the city will participate in the general obligation tax abatement process.

After he announced that the resolution had passed, Mayor Jim Kreft began to read a section from the City Charter which gives the mayor the authority to return the resolution to the city administrator with objections within three days. 

Rather than wait, Mayor Kreft exercised his right within the City Charter moments later and returned the resolution to City Administrator.

The objections will be presented to the City Council at its next regular meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday, April 7. The City Council will also vote on the same resolution at that meeting.

A four-fifths vote of the City Council is now needed to adopt the resolution.

The Mayors objections can be seen in the latest edition of the Arlington Enterprise.