Downtown Hutchinson Bank Drive-thru Request 26 Mar 14

MidCountry Bank on Main Street in Hutchinson is asking the City Council to consider allowing them to build a three lane drive-thru behind their building. (click here to see proposal)

The drive-thru would be in what is now a municipal city parking lot, across the alley on the east side of the bank, along the south side of Second Avenue Southeast.

The alley would still be there, but the proposal would make changes as to how traffic flow would be handled.

The City Council discussed the proposal at last night’s council meeting and the main issues of concern are the amount of vehicle traffic, actual traffic flow, parking, and the extent of vehicle “stacking,” or backing up in the drive-thru area.

Ben Schwarzrock, who operates Benny’s Meat Market, says his main concern was parking.

City officials said they wanted to get more defined figures on traffic numbers related to the bank drive-thu before approving or denying the proposal.

Those numbers are expected to be available to the council at their next meeting, in two weeks.

A diagram of the proposal is available on our website.