Junkermeier Sentencing 09 Apr 14

Sentencing is scheduled today (Wednesday) for Brok Junkermeier, who pleaded guilty last week to first-degree premeditated murder in the slaying of Lila Warwick, a 79-year old grandmother and church volunteer from Willmar.

The West Central Tribune reports the 19-year-old Junkermeier is expected to be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

He has been in the Kandiyohi County Jail since he was arrested two days after Warwick was found dead in the basement of her home on the east edge of Willmar in July of last year.  Junkermeier is one of three implicated in the crime.

At the hearing, prior to being formally handed his sentence, Junkermeier will listen to the victim impact statements from Warwick’s family.

A jury trial was underway last week in the Kandiyohi County Courthouse before proceedings were suddenly stopped when Junkermeier surprised the court by pleading guilty to the most serious charge.

When he took the stand, Junkermeier said he wanted to spare Warwick’s family from seeing and hearing more evidence, which had already included a four-hour video-taped interview with investigators where Junkermeier told step-by-step details of how he strangled and stabbed Warwick after making her write a check for $1,500.

The family –– and jurors –– had also been shown a hefty dagger that was used to stab Warwick. Junkermeier led authorities to the rural Kandiyohi County location where he’d tossed the sword and the sweatshirt he was wearing at the time of the murder.