Stayed Prison Sentence for Woman Selling Pills 11 Apr 14

A 47-year-old Willmar woman was sentenced Monday to stayed prison time, seven years of probation, 365 days in jail, chemical dependency treatment and a $1,000 fine on a first-degree drug sale charge for selling more than 200 pills to a drug task force informant in October 2012 in Olivia.

The West Central Tribune reports Susan Marie Erickson’s stayed prison sentence of 132 months, or 11 years, was a downward departure from state sentencing guidelines. The departure report filed by District Judge Randall Slieter cited Erickson’s amenability to chemical dependency treatment and her remorse as reasons for the departure.

In Renville County District Court, Erickson pleaded guilty to the charge in February and another felony for second-degree sale, plus a misdemeanor for driving while impaired, was dismissed.

The charges were filed after Oct. 29, 2012, when an agent for the Brown,Lyon, Redwood and Renville County Drug Task Force was informed by a confidential informant that the informant could buy pain pills from Erickson.

The informant was provided with $3,000 in recorded task force funds and met Erickson that evening in the parking lot of Max’s Grill in Olivia.