Renville County Marketing Campaign 16 Apr 14

With over 1,300 acres of woodlands and prairie, and lots of shoreline on the Minnesota River and two lakes, Renville County’s seven parks offer camping, hiking and fishing opportunities all within a short drive for all of the county’s residents.

Yet last year, only 28 percent of campers in the parks were county residents.

The county is launching a new marketing campaign this year in hopes of introducing more county residents to the parks. It also hopes to interest more young people in discovering the outdoor opportunities available close to home.

According to Mark Erickson, director of community development and environment for the county, the county park board also hopes to extend the visitor seasons at the parks.

Currently, most park usage occurs during the Memorial Day to Labor Day summer season.

The parks are launching a two-for-one, early camping season promotion and encouraging visits to the parks in the spring, fall and winter seasons.

Erickson says the marketing campaign, focused on introducing young people, will rely heavily on social media.