AP talks after mini camp 02 May 14

Vikings Running Back Adrian Peterson addressed some offseason questions with the media following a mini camp practice:

Vikings Running Back Adrian Peterson


Q: How are you feeling? 

A: I’m feeling good. 


Q: Can you give us a percentage of how you feel? 

A: I’m feeling good. I’d say probably about 80 percent right now. Just working on the strength and growing and trying to get that strength back, balance. 


Q: Did you ever have any doubt that you’d be here participating?

A: No, not at all. I wanted to come in and get a good feel for things. I actually came in like two weeks ago for a day. But this voluntary minicamp was something that I had dated in that I wanted to attend and get into the offense and get around the players and the coaches. 


Q: Do you have a sense for how your role might evolve in Norv Turner’s offense?

A: Yeah, I’ve got a pretty good sense, definitely going to be involved more in the pass game. That’s something that I look forward to. When he was at San Diego and Cleveland, he was always finding a way to get the running back out in space. I knew once we hired him that that would be something that would be new for me. I’m pretty excited about that.


Q: Now that you’ve had a chance to sit and talk with Norv, what has gone through your mind? 

A: I was pretty excited when they hired [Head Coach Mike] Zimmer and then bringing in Turner. Then actually being around those guys and listening to their philosophy, and now being able to participate, it’s a lot to take in. We’ve got a long way to go but I’m excited about the direction that we are headed in.


Q: How closely do you pay attention to the draft? Do you follow it or just wait until it all shakes out to see how it turns out?

A: Yeah, I just kind of wait and see how things shake out. Of course during the process leading up to the draft I maybe sit back and look at different guys and hear what other people have to say. You can’t really count on that a majority of the time but it’s all a part of it. 


Q: Do you expect the team to add another running back into the mix?

A: I don’t know. If they do, I feel like they have a good reason to do it. It’s always competition out there and that’s what I feed off of.


Q: What did you learn the most about being able to come back from a major injury but also some of the fears that might be in the back of your head?

A: Just one thing that I’ve learned was just to be patient. Those first couple of couple weeks after surgery making sure that you’re able to take advantage of the little things you can do because it helps long term. I learned that during the ACL surgery. That’s the way I approached the surgery I had a couple of months ago and things have been going pretty good. 


Q: Have you had time to reflect on the year last season and the injuries? Where do you think your body is at in the big picture of approaching 30 years old?

A: I’ve had some unfortunate injuries the past three years but I feel like I’ve been able to kind of bounce back and I don’t really look at the age thing as really an issue. You see guys staying in this league way past 34 and perform at a high level. I just try to keep my mind focused on the positive things and being in this situation as far as recovering I’m just taking care of my body and doing what I have to do so I have no doubts that when the season comes around I’ll be ready to roll.


Q: Did  2,000 yards take a little more toll on your body? 

A: It didn’t feel like it. Like I said during that season, I didn’t really feel at all that I was always 100 percent. Things just worked out that year. 


Q: Do you take this as a challenge to show people that you can catch the ball out of the backfield and run just as well as just carrying the ball?

A: A little bit. Then again I’ve been in the league for eight years and I’ve caught passes. Just having an offense that really distributes the ball to a running back a lot, so that will change for sure. 


Q: Did you watch the Minnesota Wild last night? Do you have thoughts on their win? 

A: It was a big win for them. I was able to watch a little bit, I was watching the [Houston] Rockets game as well. They made the last goal in overtime and congratulations to them, I just wish them the best. 


Q: Do you think that you might benefit from a reduction in touches? 

A:  Not necessarily. You can kind of balance it out. You’re getting 8-10 catches, that’s a pretty high number I think. It can balance out. The rushing yards might not be up to par but it’s not about that, it’s all about winning. I’m trying to win championships so if that means taking less of a pounding and being more productive in the passing game, I’m all in for it.


Q: That would be a big shift for you?

A: It is what it is. You guys should know that I’m all about winning, so anyway we can get that done, I’m all in for it. 


Q: Are you feeling some urgency now? 

A: Yeah, definitely some urgency, especially after being around this offense. It’s about like performing heart surgery without having a license to do so. It’s going to take some time but in the last three days I was able to pick up the offense and the terminology, but it’s all pains that we are all going through but I’m excited to see what we’re going to be able do here in the future, but we have a long ways to go.