Crop Report 13 May 14

Minnesota farmers were able to make moderate planting
progress during the week ending May 11th, according to the
USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service. More progress
was made on sandier soils, before planting was once again
halted by rains late in the week. There were 2.5 days suitable
for fieldwork.

Widespread precipitation caused topsoil and subsoil moisture
levels to rise. Topsoil moisture supplies were rated 0 percent
very short, 0 percent short, and 60 percent adequate, and
40 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies were rated
0 percent very short, 7 percent short, 71 percent adequate,
and 22 percent surplus.

Almost one-quarter of the corn crop was planted,
with southwestern Minnesota making the most progress.
Thirty-one percent of the corn crop has been planted, which
is 5 days behind normal. Cool temperatures have delayed
corn emergence. Soybean planting was 4 percent complete,
12 days behind normal. Spring wheat planting now stands at
8 percent complete, 45 percentage points behind the 5 year
average. Nine percent of the barley crop has been planted,
41 percentage points behind average. Oats planted was
36 percent complete. Sugarbeets planted was 9 percent
complete, 54 percentage points behind average.

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  • Druenny

    With all the rain, I am going to have a bad crop this year. I will need to replant again. Need to get back to the 2005-2009 weather.