Blogger Looks at Paynesville Attacks/Wetterling Abduction 14 May 14

A New London woman has raised questions about attacks on children in Paynesville in the mid-1980s and a possible connection to the abduction of Jacob Wetterling.
Joy Baker is Communications Director at Rice Memorial Hospital.
KWLM reports that in her spare time, she writes a blog called Joy The Curious in which she explores online mysteries, helps reunite kids with birth mothers, helps find people and other topics.
Baker says she recently discovered a spate of attacks on children that occured in Paynesville in the years and months leading up to the abduction of Jacob Wetterling in October 1989.
Baker says they appeared to be perpetrated by a man lurking in the shadows in the downtown area. She says the description of the attacker or attackers was very similar.
Baker says she doesn’t know how seriously the attacks were investigated at the time, but the abduction of Wetterling just a few miles away in St. Joseph changed everything.
Police interviewed Delbert Huber and his son Tim at the time but they were not arrested. The Huber’s farm was right on the northwest edge of Paynesville and both are now serving time for the murder of Tim Larson during a dispute near Belgrade in 2011.
Baker’s blog attracted the attention of WCCO TV and they plan to air a two-part story on the Paynesville attacks and the Cold Spring abduction during their 10 p.m. newscasts today (Wednesday) and Thursday.
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    Isn’t Joy a Dan Rassier apologist?