Hutchinson Juveniles Brandishing “Guns” 29 May 14

The McLeod County Attorney’s Office is looking over a report to consider possible charges against some Hutchinson juveniles for pointing what turned out to be “airsoft” pistols at occupants of a vehicle and saying “we’re going to shoot you.”

On Sunday night, Hutchinson police received a call from a resident saying a group of people drove up to his vehicle, pointed the weapons at the occupants, and made the threatening statement.

A short time later, police located the vehicle and made a traffic stop. 4 juvenile males and 3 juvenile females were in the suspect vehicle.

When police questioned them, they said they were just messing around.

The County Attorney’s Office is reviewing possible charges of 2nd degree assault on a 17-year-old Hutchinson male and a 17-year-old Hutchinson female and liability of crimes of another on the 17-year-old driver, a Hutchinson male.