GRHS Partners will Allina for Emergency Services 06 Jun 14

Allina Health Emergency Medical Services (AHEMS) will begin operating the Glencoe Regional Health Services (GRHS) ambulance service under a contract that begins July 1st.

Under its contract with Allina Health, GRHS will continue to hold its ambulance license, while Allina perform all management duties and be accountable to the GRHS Board of Directors.

GRHS CEO Jon Braband says “By combining the strengths of both organizations, we can offer even better service to Glencoe and surrounding communities.” Braband adds that “Allina Health brings the operational expertise that has enabled it to become one of Minnesota’s largest ambulance service providers, while GRHS contributes a deep understanding of communities in our region.”

Braband says one of the immediate benefits of the transition is that area residents will receive a higher level of support when they call 911. When local 911 calls are relayed to AHEMS, specially trained dispatchers will confirm that help is on the way and then stay on the line to give the caller more support and specific instructions. For example, AHEMS dispatchers may gather further details about the patient’s condition and, if appropriate, advise the caller on how to help the patient until the ambulance arrives.