Biodiesel Mandate 30 Jun 14

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota raises the bar on biodiesel this week.

Starting Tuesday, state law will require all diesel fuel sold in Minnesota to contain at least 10 percent biodiesel. The mandate will drop back down to its current level of 5 percent in winter months.

Supporters say the requirement will benefit Minnesota both economically and environmentally. Biodiesel is often made from soybean oil and Minnesota is third in the nation for soybeans. Minnesota will have the highest biodiesel mandate in the country.

Minnesota Trucking Association president John Hausladen tells the St. Paul Pioneer Press the biodiesel industry is mature enough to stand on its own and doesn’t need a mandate.

The state’s three biodiesel plans can produce 63 million gallons of fuel each year, mainly from soybeans.