Making it Easier to Find Renville County Trails 20 Aug 14

If you know how to find your way, there are miles of prairie and woodland trails in Renville County offering scenic overlooks, opportunities to view wildlife, and areas to enjoy a picnic lunch alongside flowing water.

It’s all to be found in the seven Renville County parks, where it soon could be a lot easier to find your way.

The West Central Tribune reports Mark Erickson, community and environment director for Renville County, said the county park board and a specially appointed trails committee have developed a draft plan for developing a marked trail system in each of the seven parks. He presented the plan to the County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday. The board is expected to adopt the plan at its next meeting.

The plan outlines the routes for trails in the parks. It also describes how the trails will be signed and sets standards for the width of trails and how much vegetation to clear.

There are currently some maintained trails in the parks, but for the most part, hikers are making their own way by following long-established paths. Many of the existing paths are really well-tread deer trails that hikers keep open by their use.

The trail development would take place during the upcoming years as staff resources allow. Erickson noted that currently, the parks workers are too busy from Memorial Day to Labor Day to do anything but maintenance work.