Family With Renville County Roots Mourning Death of Two Brothers 23 Sep 14

A family with its roots in Renville County is mourning the loss of two brothers who died days apart, one in a tragic hunting accident.

The West Central Tribune reports 53-year-old Ken Novotny of Germantown, Tennessee, died Wednesday when he was attacked by a grizzly bear while hunting southwest of Norman Wells, Northwest Territories, Canada.

59-year-old Keith Novotny of Appleton died Sunday. Friends said he was waiting for a kidney transplant.

Their mother, Marjorie Novotny, learned the news of her second son’s death after reaching Tennessee to be with Ken Novotny’s family.

Ken Novotny was hunting along the Northwest Territories border with the Yukon when he was attacked by the bear, according to Dr. Cathy Menard, M.D., chief coroner for the Northwest Territories.

The Commercial Appeal in Tennessee reported that a coach of the victim’s daughter said the bear “came out of nowhere” and attacked him as he was prepping the moose he shot.

The guide was not harmed.

The bear was found and killed on Saturday.

A family friend says Ken Novotny is remembered as an avid outdoorsman, athlete, and as a leader. He was a captain for the Olivia High School football and baseball teams in his senior year.