No Chickens in Atwater/No Discipline for Police Chief 02 Oct 14

There will be no backyard chickens allowed in Atwater and there will be no discipline of the Atwater police chief after he killed a little boy’s pet chicken that was being kept in town against the current city ordinance.

After listening to public comments and taking a straw poll of the nearly 30 residents at the meeting Wednesday, the West Central Tribune reports the Atwater City Council agreed not to pursue a proposed ordinance that would have allowed people to keep up to five chickens in their backyard.

Citing concerns about smell, disease and attracting rats to town, a majority of people at the meeting objected to allowing backyard chickens.

Based on comments at the meeting Wednesday, it was clear people did not want their police officers spending time monitoring chicken coops when there are other ordinances being violated.

People cited concerns about unlicensed vehicles, junk in backyards, rundown buildings and unlicensed dogs and cats.

One resident said the police have enough to do without “chasing chickens.”