Scam in Kandiyohi County 19 Dec 14

The Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Department says phone scammers recently impersonated a sheriff’s department official to try and get a victim to send them nearly $1000.

KWLM reports Sheriff Dan Hartog saying that last week a person in the county got a call from someone claiming to be from the federal tax division in Washington DC, informing them they had won a Publisher’s Clearing House prize, and they needed to send in a $960 payment to claim it. They said they would have the chief deputy of the sheriff’s department call them to verify it was legitimate. 20 minutes later the would-be victim got a call from a man saying he was the chief deputy who said the tax call was legitimate, and if they paid the $960, they would receive $600,000 from Publisher’s Clearing House.

The would-be victim then called the Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Department who said the previous calls were fakes. The sheriff’s department would never make a call to vouch for any particular business.

Sheriff Hartog says this is a new twist on a phone scam that uses local names to try an sound legitimate. Hartog says to be extremely cautious when giving out any personal information to an unknown caller.