Hutchinson School Board to Hold Closed Meeting 20 Jan 15

The Hutchinson School Board is holding a special meeting tomorrow morning (Wednesday) at the district office, with one of the school board members as the topic of discussion. The meeting is being held at 7am and is closed to the public.

Superintendent Daron Vanderheiden says that because of the data practices act, he can’t give details of the content of the meeting other than the subject of the meeting is board member Lori Hornick-Lindell.

On Tuesday of last week, Hornick-Lindell was arrested for DUI after a traffic stop and was charged with one count of refusal to submit to a chemical test and one count of 4th-degree driving while impaired.

Prior to that, she had pleaded guilty to misdemeanor domestic assault for which she was fined and received one-year probation. That stemmed from an incident that occurred in March.