TIGER GAMEDAY – Week 1 vs. Becker 21 Aug 15

Tiger Gameday – Week 1, 2015 Season

Last Game:  De La Salle 35 Hutchinson 14 STATE SEMI FINALS

Game Recap: And just like that, the over 3 year Win Streak for Hutchinson was gone.  After holding a 14-13 lead over DLS, Hutch gave up 3 TD’s in the 4th quarter to fall one game short of the prep bowl.  Robbie Grimsley had a couple of Touchdowns in the game, on a cold snowy day in Prior Lake.  The Offense never really got going in the game, while the Defense was solid for the most part, but gave up big plays to the Islanders.   

Current Record: 0-0

This Week’s Opponent: Becker (0-0)

About the Opponent: Had Hutch beat DLS, they would have faced these Bulldogs.  Becker would maul DLS in last years prep bowl to win the State Title.  Off that Title team Becker has a LOT coming back.  We hear about 15-16 starters are back from that team.  Gone though is their All State QB, and their Starting RB’s…so their offense will look a little different.  Defensively Becker could be the best defense in the state…No seriously.  They have size, speed, and talent on that side of the ball.  It will be hard for any team to move against them.    

Key Hutch Players:    Biggest matchup in this one will be along the line.  Trying to contain Preseason All Metro DL Dillon Radunz will be a huge job.  So we turn our attention to the Hutch Offensive Line.  The Tigers do have more size along the line overall than they’ve had…BUT…it’s all new players.  TE Broderic Thompson is the only person who’s seen some significant time.  Jordan Twardy has been mentioned as a key guy along the line, plus Mason Larson-Schmidt and Nate Dettman could play sizeable roles.  No matter who is there, stopping Radunz will be a tough task. 

Games Storylines:

  1. You’re gonna see a new Becker Offense.  The Bulldogs graduated their All State QB and Starting RB’s.  But the OL and WR’s are back.  The New QB is more of a runner than the past ones.  Expect more running from Becker than previous years…but, this is still Becker.  They’ll throw quite a bit.  DB’s will be tested early. 
  2. I’ll use this spot to highlight some players who’ve been mentioned as having strong training camps for Hutch.  LB Michael Kieser has been flying to the ball, while DT Dane Drape isn’t quite the “Biggest Little DT in MN” but he’s not far off.  Drape could use his speed to get around bigger players.  And On Offense Isaiah Nelson and MaGuire Petersen could be some playmakers and have flashed that ability in camp. 
  3. New Starters…Hutchinson has just one Starter back at the same position as a year ago. That number balloons to 3 starters if you include the ones that moved to a different starting position (Matt Piechowski is now QB, Kendall Glaser is now FB).  So that’s a total of 19 new starters.  Some of the players have seen time, but that was when the score was 42-6.  Playing with the score 0-0 is something entirely different.
  4. Some other Keys to the game…Get Becker to turn the ball over (easier said than done)…Control the ball, don’t let that powerful Becker offense on the field a lot…and we’ll see some 4th down and we’re going for it plays, as mentioned you gotta keep that Becker Offense off the field. 
  5. A useless/interesting fact…Becker Head Coach Dwight Lundeen is going into his 46th season of coaching the Bulldogs.  He’s the ONLY head coach the Becker football program has ever had!  He’s done a nice job as well with 329 wins (3rd in state history).    And as long as we’re speaking of coaches…Hutchinson Coach Andy Rostberg needs 3 wins to record his 150th career win.   
  • taylor

    I fear for Hutch, I believe there rain of tear of over, and with a bang. Becker, with about 47 coaches, will be ready to go, seriously, it’s like a college program concerning staff. Beckers weak link is there running backs, they are only average at best, a great Q.B, and receivers are great and fast, Hutch will not keep up. Becker has not been beat at home in years adding to there struggles.