Tiger Gameday – Week 2 27 Aug 15

Tiger Gameday – Week 2, 2015 Season

Last Game:  Becker 41 Hutchinson 14

Game Recap: Even a power outage in the city of Becker couldn’t stop the Becker Bulldogs in Week 1.  The defending state champions looked impressive in beating the Hutchinson Tigers 41-14 on Saturday Afternoon.  Becker got Touchdowns from 5 different players in building a 34-0 lead early in the 3rd quarter.  Fullback Milan Kent had Two Touchdowns on the day to lead Becker.  Hutchinson couldn’t get going until after the lights, scoreboard, and power went out after a tree went down in the city knocking the power lines down.  Hutch got Touchdowns from Kendall Glaser and Isaiah Nelson in the second half.    

Current Record: 0-1

This Week’s Opponent: Glencoe Silver Lake (1-0)

About the Opponent: It was a nice start for the Panthers in Week 1.  They got some turnovers from NLS last week, but also couldn’t capitalizes on turnovers.   Sloppy play all around the state in Week 1.  GSL has had some graduation from last year.  Gone is 4 year Starting QB Keaton Anderson…but returning is 4 year starter Teddy Petersen.  Petersen is an impact player on offense and on defense and you have to account for him.  Also watch out for youngster Carson Streich.  The Panthers always have multiple options on offense to use and he’s a weapon!

Key Hutch Players:    We’re gonna go with the Defensive Backs today.  I know…a lot of you are saying WHAT?!?!  GSL throws about 5 times a game.  Very true…but they get big plays out of those limited throws.  If you can cut down the big plays, keep them contained to a running game…well GSL’s still good at that too…but it makes a team a bit more one dimensional.    

Games Storylines:

  1. Return of the QB…Matt Piechowski returns this week after sitting out last week with mono.   Piechowski is a little more experienced, and can run the ball a bit.  Maybe that will give the offense a lift. 
  2. Speaking of offense, Hutch is going to have to diversify more.  Last week it was run left, run right, repeat.  No time did the QB drop back to pass.  Now part of that is Becker and the game plan was to not test the really good cover DB’s. BUT…you have to throw a bit.  Get some different looks formation wise…do a few things different to keep the opponents guessing. 
  3. Turnovers and Ball Control…it’s a key every week…but when you face a good team like GSL you can’t give them free opportunities.  They are too good to not take advantage.  Both teams may also look to a ball control offense, keeping the opposing teams offense off the field.  Shortens the game and puts more importance on each drive.  Getting early leads are key to this strategy. 
  4. Some other Keys to the game…Injury replacements, defense is getting shuffled around this week to compensate for losing Alex Anderson…keep the laundry (flags) to a minimum, don’t give free first downs or plays…learn, week 1 is done, everyone has experience now—learn from it and get better.    
  5. A useless/interesting fact… Joel is in his 14th season calling games for KDUZ/KARP/KGLB.  Did you know that in EVERY year Joel has been here…the GSL Panthers Football team has advanced to at least the section championship game?  Nice Job!  Hutchinson has been in 11 Section Championships in that time from so they haven’t been too shabby either.