Tiger Gameday – Week 3 03 Sep 15

Tiger Gameday – Week 3, 2015 Season

Last Game:  GSL 6 Hutchinson 0

Game Recap: The Glencoe Silver Lake Panthers beat Hutchinson 6-0 in East Central District Football Friday Night.  The Panthers scored just before halftime with a 7 yard TD catch from Carson Streich for the only score of the game.  Both teams defense were stellar all night long, GSL only had 183 yards of total offense, while Hutchinson had only 144 yards.  GSL is now 2-0 on the season, Hutchinson is 0-2.  

Current Record: 0-2

This Week’s Opponent: Watertown Mayer (0-2)

About the Opponent: The Royals are kind of in the same boat as Hutchinson.  They had a real good, senior laden team last year…and now this year they are searching for players to step up and replace those lost.  WM also has a new coaching staff that is looking to install it’s system.  You’ll see a lot of the Veer being run offensively for the Royals, and they do have good athletic players to make it work…but they have struggled to get into the endzone (outscored 46-8 this year).   Defensively WM has a lot of Linebacker type players and not a lot of size.  They’ll  play sometimes with 2 down linemen and the rest on their feet.  Plus the DB’s are very good for this team.

Key Hutch Players:    We’ve gone defense the first two weeks, now lets go over to the offense.  We’re going to go with the Offensive Line.  The O-line will have a distinct size advantage in this game, but WM will have the speed advantage.  The Line needs to open up holes for the Tiger RB’s and protect well enough if Hutch throws.  Line play needs to improve.  Plus the Center/QB Exchanges need to be a lot better…coaches found 15 bad snaps last game. 

Games Storylines:

  1. Dealing with the WM Veer.  The Veer is designed for small quick players and hits you fast with multiple options.  It’s an offense where the defense needs to be very assignment oriented.  Don’t get out of your lanes, do you job and tackle the ball carrier. Sounds a lot easier than it actually is. 
  2. Quarterback…Hutch’s Starting QB is a game time decision, with the injury last week to Matt Piechowski.  Piechowski still may play, but may not.  If he doesn’t play then Mitchell Max or Freshman Lane Glaser would get the call.  Whomever plays though will have to step up and lead the offense. 
  3. The Heat.  The temps are expected to be very humid, even into the 80’s yet at Kickoff Time.  Teams will have to keep their players fresher, get them water, more replacements to get them breathers.  On the other hand, you’re going to want to keep your offense on the field to tire out the opposing teams defense.
  4. Some other Keys to the game…Penalties, there was some laundry on the field at key times bringing plays back.  That can’t happen…Start Strong, Hutch hasn’t scored a first half point yet.  Getting on the board first would be a big pick me up for the confidence…Forget about starting 0-2, as coach Andy Rostberg said “We have what we Have and it’s our job to coach them  up”      
  5. A useless/interesting fact… The Royals haven’t had a lot of success in Football over the years.  In fact, according to the MN Football Coaches Association Website their past coach with the most wins in school history is Craig Johnson with 49 career wins.  While Football may not be their sport the Royals have had State Title holders in Swimming, Track, Cross Country, and Wrestling…so their athletic tradition is strong outside of football.