Tiger Gameday – Week 4 10 Sep 15

Tiger Gameday – Week 4, 2015 Season

Last Game:  Hutchinson 26 WM 6

Game Recap: It wasn’t the prettiest game, but Hutchinson snapped their 3 game losing streak with a 26-6 win over Watertown Mayer Friday night in Week 3 Football.  The Tigers got 116 yards rushing and 2 Touchdowns from Isaiah Nelson.  Maguire Petersen also scored on a 24 yard Touchdown Run, and a 69 yard Reception.  Defensively Hutchinson allowed only 81 yards to the Royals, but Hutchinson was penalized for 149 yards in the game.  Chandler Kurth recovered 2 fumbles and had 1 Interception.  Little brother Christian Kurth had 3 Sacks in the game.  Hutchinson is now 1-2 on the season, WM drops to 0-3.

Current Record: 1-2

This Week’s Opponent: Delano (2-1)

About the Opponent: Once again Delano is a quality team.  Coach Merrill Pavlovich does a nice job each year getting good players.  There’s not much different about this team than years past.  Delano will have a big Offensive Line, they will try and run the ball down your throat, and they will tackle well on defense.  Those three things have been Delano hallmarks over the years.  Delano lost a week 1 game to a good Zimmermann team, and has recovered with wins over DC and Litchfield most recently.   

Key Hutch Players:    For the second week in a row, we’re going to go with the Offensive Line.  There have been some lineup shakeups…in fact there are 3 new starters on the line since the week 1 Starting Lineup.  The Run game hasn’t been great yet this year.  The Tigers are looking for improvement out of the line…Sticking with their blocks longer, better technique, etc…Just overall improvement.  Delano can   tackle well, so blocking will be key. 

Games Storylines:

  1. QB Matt Piechowski returns this week after injuring his ankle in Week 2.  Coach Andy Rostberg said Pie isn’t 100% healthy but he’s good to go and that should be a big boost to the offense.  Piechowski brings senior leadership and game experience against a very good Delano team. 
  2. Size…Delano is a MASSIVE team up front.  They have some big boys to block and tackle along the lines.  Delano isn’t overly fast so if the Hutch RB’s can get free they could run a while.  But dealing with the size will be a factor.
  3. Minimize Mistakes.  Hutch isn’t a good enough team yet to overcome 2nd and 20, or 3rd and long.  It’s the situation Hutch has been in a bunch with penalties or ineffective plays.  Have to get better and making positive plays.  Even 2 or 3 yards on first and second down puts you in 3rd and manageable.  Need Positives!
  4. Some other Keys to the game…Penalties, there was some laundry on the field at key times bringing plays back.  That can’t happen…Cut down on Delano long drives, they’ve had 15-16 play drives consistently this year, get their offense off the field…Win the turnover battle, nice job last week (4 sacks, 1 INT, 3 Fum Rec)…schools back in session, more normal week, does it help to have some normalcy back?      
  5. A useless/interesting fact… Delano head coach Merrill Pavlovich has been coaching Delano for 39 years now.  He just jumped a coach on the all time win list.  Pavlovich has 280 career wins and is #9 in state history.  Pav’s jump bumped who down?  Hutchinson’s Grady Rostberg…Grady has 277 career wins and is now #10.  By the way, Andy Rostberg’s coaching watch continues…with the win Andy now has 148 career wins.