Flu Season Right Around the Corner 24 Sep 15

(MNN) Health officials say the beginning of fall is a good time to get a flu shot, before the virus begins to ramp up.
Dr. Stephen Campbell is with Mayo Clinic Health System in south-central Minnesota and says “True influenza is probably one of the worst respiratory illnesses you’ll ever get. It’s characterized by high fever, sore throat, horrible body aches, horrible cough. People feel like they have been hit by a truck. It can put you bed ridden for a week.”
For most people, influenza means severe respiratory symptoms, fever and body aches–but for others, it can be deadly. Campbell says “If you’ve got some underlying health problems it can be really serious, in fact fatal. And it’s estimated, depending on what statistics you look at, up to 40-thousand people a year die from influenza or complication of influenza.”

Campbell says most clinics have flu vaccine in stock.