“Lost” Ring Recovered/Charges Requested 01 Oct 15

Hutchinson Police are requesting charges against an employee of a Hutchinson restaurant after he allegedly found a wedding ring in the restaurant and told his girlfriend to pawn it.

On Wednesday afternoon, the owner of the Hutchinson KFC said her father was assisting with some work at the restaurant and while washing and drying dishes, he lost the wedding band from his finger.

When he discovered the ring was not on his finger, a search of the restaurant failed to produce the ring. However, word got back to the owner that an employee had found the ring and told his girlfriend to pawn it.

On further investigation, police found that the ring had indeed been pawned at the local pawn shop for $180. The estimated value of the ring was determined to be $2000.

Police are requesting felony theft charges on both the employee, a 26-year-old Gates, Tennessee man, and the 29-year-old Glencoe woman, who allegedly pawned the ring.

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