Tiger Gameday – Week 7 01 Oct 15

Tiger Gameday – Week 7, 2015 Season

Last Game:  Hutchinson 21 Litchfield 0

Game Recap: The Hutchinson Tigers defense came to play leading the team to a 21-0 win over Litchfield on Homecoming.  The Defense sacked the Quarterback 4 times and picked off two passes.  One of those interceptions went to Maguire Petersen, which he took back 40 yards for a Touchdown.  Offensively Isaiah Nelson rushed for 142 yards and a Touchdown, and Kendall Glaser had 94 yards and a Touchdown.  Hutchinson is 4-2 overall, 4-1 in the East Central North Division.  Coupled with Delano’s 25-8 win over Glencoe Silver Lake.  Hutch is now tied with Delano and GSL for the Divsion lead all at 4-1 records.

Current Record: 4-2

This Week’s Opponent: Holy Family (3-3)

About the Opponent: Holy Family can be difficult to prepare for due to their unconventional spread offense.  There will be tackles lined up by Wide Receivers and many kinds of trickery.  The Key to playing this team is discipline on defense.  Knowing your assignments and staying with them.  They make their dough off of confusion, and catching you off guard. 

Key Hutch Players:  We’ve gone with the defense every single week so far, and while we do think the Defense is going to be most key again this week.  Let’s focus on the offense a bit.  The Run Game and OL have improved greatly, now the team needs to put some finishing touches on the passing game.  So we’ll spotlight QB Matt Piechowski, and his Receivers.  You will run into opponents that can stop the run (See DeLaSalle last year), you have to be able to be competent throwing the football sometimes. 

Games Storylines:

  1. Mistakes.  The Penalty flags flew a bit again last game, and at unfortunate times.  They didn’t hurt the outcome last week, but mistakes will eventually get you.  Have to clean them up. 
  2. Sometimes the best way to keep an unconventional offense off the field, is to keep your offense on the field.  If Hutch can get some long drives, run the ball, keep the ball out of the Fire’s hands that will be key
  3. Last Home Game of the Regular Season this week.  Time to start fine tuning for the playoffs.  Look at some of the little things, look to get sharper in certain areas.  Just overall improvement down the stretch.  Hutch has improved quite a bit over the season so far…just need to keep it going. 
  4. Some other Keys to the game…Start Fast?  Hutch has had slow starts in a lot of games.   It’s a good thing they adjust well and have good second halves, but would be nice to start early once too…Turnovers are always key, they especially help in a game like this facing an unconventional offense. 
  5. A useless/interesting fact…Holy Family is a team that has a knack for getting hot at playoff time.  In the previous 9 seasons, the Fire have made it to at least the section Semi Final Round every year…the Section Finals in 6 of the years…and to the State Tournament in 4 of those seasons.