Free Influenza Vaccinations Planned for Area K-12 students 19 Nov 15

The Minnesota Department of Health Immunization Program is collaborating with the Office of Emergency Preparedness to provide vaccines to local public health for a full scale mass vaccination exercise.

The vaccines are available through federal vaccine funding that can only be used in very specific circumstances. MDH can provide vaccine for any child, including fully insured children, during mass vaccination exercises for public health preparedness purposes. MDH encouraged local public health to consider using this opportunity to conduct school located vaccination exercises.

Public Health in McLeod and Sibley counties will partner with schools, clinics, and hospitals in each of their counties to offer influenza vaccines at participating schools. Public Health, along with Emergency Management and Minnesota Responds (a component of the Medical Reserve Corps), have joined together to create a mass vaccination exercise for children.

Allie Freidrichs, Director of Meeker-McLeod-Sibley Community Health Services said, “It’s a great way to build community partnerships while serving a large population of kids.”

The influenza vaccination will be given between November 30, 2015 and December 11, 2015. The immunizations are FREE for all children 5 – 18 years old regardless of insurance or payment status while supplies last.

Information will be provided to students and families by participating schools. Parents should complete the health history, sign the consent form, chose the type of influenza vaccination preferred, and return it to school by November 30, 2015. The influenza vaccinations offered during the exercise are FluMist® nasal spray and Fluzone® injectable vaccinations.  

  • Mercury Free Kids

    Human activity has profusely distributed heavy metals throughout the world and our local environments. We need to take into account an individual’s current health status, and toxic load, before administering a vaccination with additional toxins.

    Here are the first 3 sentences of the World Health Organization’s Vaccine Immunology report:

    “To generate vaccine-mediated protection is a complex challenge. Currently available vaccines have largely been developed empirically, with little or no understanding on how they activate the immune system. Their early protective efficacy is primarily
    conferred by the induction of antigen-specific anti-bodies.”

    There is a long history of mercury poisoning in modern medicine. As recently as the
    1950’s the pharmaceutical industry was ordered to stop poisoning so many people
    with mercury and calomel. (Calomel is a mercury compound.) Today, the level of health care problems requiring prescription drugs has skyrocketed.

    NO one should be vaccinated until their healthcare practitioner has tested for toxic

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  • Mercury Free Kids

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