Hutchinson Inclusive Play Park in the Works 25 Nov 15

The Hutchinson Elks Lodge is in the beginning stages of developing and building an “Inclusive” play park in Hutchinson.

Organizers estimate the cost of the park will be about $306,000 and will be located next to the current Elks Park located on the east side of the intersection of Sherwood Street and Elks Drive Southeast.

Park Committee Co-chair Catherine Libor says the park is designed for children and adults of all abilities to be able to have the opportunity to play and grow together.  The components within the structure are designed and built to accommodate those with mobility and sensory impairments.

Co-chair Tammy Lehn says when the park is completed, Hutchinson would be the only out-state community that would have this type of play park. She says currently, other parks of this kind are only in the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs.

Lehn says they’ve already received one grant to help cover the cost and they will be writing more grants to help fund the project. They also asked the city council if the city would act as the fiscal agent for the project and if the city would be willing to help with funding a portion of the project as well.

City officials said they would be willing to do both, but would have to get more details before they could act on those requests.

Elks officials say they expect to break ground this coming spring.

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Artist’s rendering of proposed park