Meeker County Hunting Accident Investigation Complete 30 Dec 15

The Meeker County Attorney’s Office says the hunting accident investigation involving Meeker County Commissioner Dale Fenrich (fen-rik) is complete.

The Meeker County Sheriff’s Office requested the Wright County Sheriff’s Office conduct the investigation. Upon receiving the complete investigation, the Meeker County Attorney requested the Wright County Attorney’s Office to review the case.

The Wright County Attorney reviewed the case and deemed the shooting on November 8th was an accident and as a result, no criminal charges will be pursued.

The investigation revealed that Commissioner Fenrich was struck with a bullet which was intended for a deer; however, the bullet’s path was rerouted as the result of a ricochet.  

Fenrich was shot in the leg and was airlifted to HCMC for treatment of the injury that  was described as non-life threatening.