Hutchinson Mayor and Council Pay Raises 25 Feb 16

The Hutchinson City Council this week approved the first step in giving themselves a pay raise.

The council approved the first reading of an ordinance that would set the new salaries, effective in 2017.

City Administrator Matt Jaunich says current salary levels have not been adjusted since 1994 and the increase is basically $1,000 across the board with a minor adjustment to the Mayor’s per diem.

If approved, the Mayor’s annual salary would be $9,247. The Mayor’s maximum annual per diem would be $5,395. Each council member would have an annual salary of $6,279.

Jaunich says he simply tried to get the salaries closer to the “average” of comparable mayor and council salaries.

The final vote on the proposed ordinance will be at the council’s March 8th meeting.