Safety Measures Enacted at D-C Schools After Threat Discovered 20 Apr 16

On Sunday evening, Dassel-Cokato School officials were made aware of a vague threat written on the wall of a high school storage room which said “People will die 4/19/16.” Students can access the storage room to get supplies for teachers.

Officials say the threat was very indirect and, in addition to other graffiti, was accompanied by another phrase, “People are sick.”

School officials immediately consulted with officers from the Wright County Sheriff’s office to assess the credibility of the threat.

Officials said that while they did not believe the threat to be credible, they had not been able to determine who wrote it and would enact safety measures Tuesday morning which included no students being allowed access to the ms/hs facility until after 7:15 a.m., all students would have belongings checked, and there would be increased law enforcement presence throughout the day

Officials say they will continue to investigate the incident and a reward will be paid for any information leading to the conviction of any individuals who make this type of threat.