Twins Talk, April 22 22 Apr 16

Haircuts, Big Hearts, and Reunions

Stories and Photos by Gordy Jones

While flipping through my car radio stations the other day, I heard an unfamiliar voice say that a pregame $100 haircut was the reason that Oswaldo Arcia had hit a blast over the fence in left-center during the previous day’s game. I don’t know about the price, and I’m not sure if a haircut will help you hit a home run, but I do know the man who is responsible for the Twins’ hairdos. It is Andy Fade of Rochester, New York. Rochester is the home of the Twins’ Triple A Red Wings, where most Twins players make a stop before joining the major league squad.

A few years back, some of the guys were coming into the Red Wings’ clubhouse sporting new, good-looking “dos.” and word got out that Andy was the man behind them. Then, instead of the guys flocking to him for their haircuts, it only made sense to invite Andy into the clubhouse. Now, many of those guys are on the Twins’ major league club, so you’ll see Andy both at spring training and at Target Field. He takes great pride in giving them a well-groomed look. Even when they lose, they look good — some say the best in baseball.

I was recently chatting with Andy as he told me about cutting hair in Rochester when he smiled and said: “Yes, they all became my friends, and that is how I made it to the majors. When the Twins are in their hometown, I do their hair at Target Field. I’m always in Minnesota when they’re at home.” I asked Andy whose hair was the most difficult to cut. “Ahhh, toughest to cut…ummm. We’ve got a few. We’ve got Eddie Rosario, We’ve got Ricky Nolasco, and Oswaldo Arcia. They have beards and lines. Actually, they are not more difficult; they just take a little more detailing, more time. I’ve cut Joe Mauer’s hair, but sometimes his wife cuts his.”

Brian Dozier said, “My wife loves when I come home with a fresh haircut.” A lot of the guys live by the philosophy: Look better, feel better, play better.

At spring training, Andy will cut hair right in the locker room, although one day a meeting was being held there, so he set up in an auxiliary restroom. At Target Field he cuts in a dressing room known as “The Stars Dressing Room,” used for visiting entertainers and sometimes TC Bear.   

Andy loves making our boys well-groomed and handsome — and who knows — maybe Andy did put a homer into Arcia’s haircut.


Michael Cuddyer looked right at home as he hung out on the field visiting with his old pals and teammates before last Sunday’s game. He was in town for a Twins Community Fund dinner. He is a former board member of this great organization. Michael and his wife, Claudia, supported many Minnesota charities when they were here. I asked Michael if he had plans to spend more time here and work with the charities he supported. He said, “I haven’t given it much thought. I was just invited here for a dinner and to throw out the first pitch. I wouldn’t rule it out, though.” He does plenty of good things with local charities at his home in Virginia.

After getting a World Series ring with the Mets, Michael retired and is spending time with his family, something he’s never had a chance to do this time of year. Like most of the Twins, he is a good man, and it was really nice to see him!

Justin Morneau hasn’t signed with anyone, but he continues to return to Minnesota, too. His wife, Krista, has her roots here, and they have raised money to find a cure for childhood arthritis. In fact, in November of 2015, they hosted a gala fundraiser, just like when he was a Twin. It is a great event, and he plans to do another one this year, I’ll keep you updated.

Rod Carew and the Twins are raising money for the American Heart Association with Carew’s Heart of 29 campaign. The Twins are wearing red uniforms during Friday home games this season, and offering special seating packages in “Carew’s Corner.” Fans will receive a red Twins jersey, and part of the money they spend will be donated for heart research. Go to for pricing and more information. There will also be a Heart Walk to raise money and awareness at Target Field on May 14. Go to to register.     

Hall of Famer, Dave Winfield was at the same game as Michael Cuddyer last Sunday. Dave is now the Special Assistant to the Director of the Players’ Association, but he was here on a private business matter with some associates. It was great renewing my long-term friendship with him (40 years). He hasn’t changed or slowed down. He is still making business deals, traveling, and enjoying his family. We’ll see more of “Big Dave” soon.