MN Senate Passes Police Body Cam Bill 03 May 16

(Learfield/St. Paul) Who can view video from police officers’ body cameras and how long the data will be kept — those are the main focus of a bill that passed the Minnesota Senate Monday after long debate.

Hutchinson Republican Scott Newman proposed additional protections, saying “There are circumstances under which a homeowner should have an absolute right to say, no, you may not film me under these circumstances. It’s my home. Turn the camera off.”

Saint Louis Park Democrat Ron Latz responded the amendment is “nonsensical,” saying “The police are not going to be in the home unless there is consent, a warrant or exigent circumstances. They’re simply not going to be in the home.”

The bill says police body cam video is private data, unless the recording was in a public place and someone was substantially injured due to actions of an officer.