Mankato Makes “Drunkest City in America” List 19 May 16

(New York, NY) — A new study finds that Mankato is the tenth “drunkest city in America.”

The business website 24 Seven Wall Street says the home of Minnesota State University is one of the few U-S metro areas where men make up more than half the population, and the federal government says men are twice as likely as women to binge drink.

The survey found that 24 percent of Mankato adults drink to excess, and alcohol is involved in 21 percent of its traffic deaths.

Fargo, North Dakota is the fifth “drunkest city” in the survey, with La Crosse, Wisconsin sixth and Grand Forks 14th.

All three of those places are right next to the Minnesota border.

Appleton, Wisconsin is ranked number one, and eleven other cities in the Badger State made the Top 20.